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Make the Switch Today!

  Many people still use over the counter facial products, which can be terrible to our delicate skin. Especially over the counter cleansers. Only small doses of the ingredients advertised on over the counter products are actually active. Look at the back of your bottle, the ingredient that is advertized is most likely listed at the end of the… Continue reading Make the Switch Today!


Dr. Applebaum Appointments Available

Dr. Applebaum, our dermatologist, will be coming in on Monday, August 10th. Treatments he offers include: Botox injection Collagen injections Vein Injections Restylane Injections Psoriasis Treatment Pigment Lesions Sun Damage Brown spots Stretch marks Vascular lesions Tattoo removal Crow’s feet IPL™ Foto Facials V-beam treatment of rosacea, facial veins, psoriasis and angiomas. Mixto – Micro… Continue reading Dr. Applebaum Appointments Available