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Feed Your Skin & Hair From The Inside Out


By combining Alpha Hydroxyl with Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM) kNutek has developed a completely new category of skin care products.
We call it “Skin Food.”

Healthy Stronger Hair, Nails and Skin

– Did you know that there is more organic sulfur in your nails and hair than anywhere else in your body. Because MSM is an organic sulfur it contributes to the health and strength of your nails and hair.

– MSM feeds the collagen and elastin formation in the skin and is responsible for the flexible bond between cells, including skin cells.

– MSM blocks undesirable chemicals and reduces the formation of “insoluble collagen” which is associated with tough, inelastic skin. Consequently, MSM enhances tissue pliability and encourages the repair of damaged skin.

– MSM in skin care eliminates the inflammation of carpal tunnel syndrome, dissolves scar tissue, smoothes surface blemishes, prevents blistering, takes the sting out of second degree burns and brings new softness and elasticity to your skin. Tests indicate that wound healing occurs faster.

If there is insufficient MSM in the body and skin when new cells are being formed, the new cells become rigid. This rigidity can contribute to cracking, wrinkles, and scar tissue.

When sufficient MSM is present it serves to make the skin softer, smoother and more flexible, allowing it to stretch easily with movement.

If you are interested in this “Skin Food” supplement please call (714)840-4004


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