Algae Facial Scrub By DermaQuest

This gel-based facial scrub contains jojoba beads, which gently and effectively remove dead skin cells and prepares the skin for advanced treatment products. Algae extracts moisturize the skin while imparting a natural, healthy glow. BENEFITS *Enhances penetration of treatment products *Softens and hydrates the skin *Mechanically removes dead skin cells and debris from the surface… Continue reading Algae Facial Scrub By DermaQuest

Make up

La Bella Donna: How To Create A Smokey Eye

 One of our most often asked questions at Katie Raber’s is how to create smoky, sultry looking eyes. Following is detailed instruction provided by La Bella Donna, one of our most popular make-up lines:        “A smoky eye requires a smooth, flawless skin complexion, bright lips and black eyelashes. This make-up, if properly applied, looks good… Continue reading La Bella Donna: How To Create A Smokey Eye