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Valentine’s Date Night Accessories

With Valentine’s Day being ONLY eleven days away, I’m  sure most of us already have the perfect date night set. All that there’s left to worry about is that perfect outfit for the most romantic night of the year. Although we can’t help out with the whole outfit, Katie Rabers Face & Body Esthetiques carries a wide range of accessories that can go with any dressed up or dressed down ensemble. These clutches and earrings are adorable and so versatile and can be worn whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an important meeting or just because it’s a Wednesday. Stop in today and grab yours! (714)840-4004


Nothing says relaxing more than a good candle. Greenleaf Candles does a great job at bringing calming outside scents right into your home. And right now at Katie Rabers Face & Body Esthetiques, they are buy one, get one free!

Breezy Girl is a warm, fresh scent that is reminiscent of the beach. Any cold winter night can be spent feeling like a summer night with this candle. Wintertime Wishes smells exactly what it sounds like. With traces of vanilla and pine, it smells like a Christmas tree and vanilla sugar cookies. Sassy Girl, with floral and fruit scents, will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island. Cashmere Kiss is very light and calming. Fragrances like vanilla, orange,  rose and jasmine are perfect for a calming night at home. Cozy Girl is also ideal for for a night in. This one features plum, jasmine and vanilla woods. Gardenia is exactly what you would expect, a beautifully flowery fragranced candle  that is sure to bring your garden indoors. Dreamy Girl truly brings you to a dreamlike state with rose and pear, perfectly paired together. River Mist is earthy yet beautiful, it’s a musky blend of wet greens, citrus and apple, with hints of lavender and spice. Magnolia is sweet and flowery and simply beautiful.

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Stylish Diffusers

Diffusers are the most effortless and stylish way to make your home smell good. Whether it be the bathroom, bedroom or living room, they will make a whole room beautifully fragranced in no time. And there’s no hassle… no having to find matches to light several candles and no having to spray an air-freshener either. All you have to do it set one of these  on a flat surface and… VOILA! They also last for a decent amount of time, which is nice when you don’t want to buy a new one every month (although, once you try one, you’ll want more). Greenleaf makes the perfect diffuser. They come with a fragrance-filled vase along with a flower diffuser (which looks like a pretty flower in a vase…super cute). These are perfect for a housewarming or VALENTINE’S DAY gift. Fragrances we carry include Classic Linen, Cashmere Kiss and Lavender. And if you’re more of a candle person, that’s okay too, because Greenleaf also makes candles, which are just as equally fragrant with several different scents. Stop into Katie Rabers Face and Body Esthetiques today and grab your favorite scented diffuser or candle. (714)840-4004


An Improvement to Your Eyebrow Routine!

Everyday is always a “good eyebrow” kind of day. Kelley Baker’s Eyebrow Defining Pencil has a terrific formula that goes on smoothly along the brow line. The fine tip gives a type of precision that only the best of the best would give you. We cary all three shades, Blonde, Brown and Dark Brown. There’s no point in waiting for tomorrow for the perfect brow when you can stop into Katie Rabers Face & Body Esthetiques today! Give us a call at 714)480-4004


Soothing Scented Candles

Nothing beats a good smelling candle. They’re a go-to gift for that really difficult friend who has everything, or even when you want to pamper yourself, candles are always there. With calming aromas like Amber, Diamond, Pearl, Onyx, Moonstone, and Turquoise, there’s a scent for everyone. Plus, the cute packaging is just to die for. Stop into our spa and boutique today and pamper yourself or pick up a gift! 714)840-4004.


Valentine’s Day is less than three weeks away! These are Amanda’s pick of the week! 💕Come get your sweetie pie’s some accessories, handbags, skincare products and more!
Don’t forget BOGO FREE winter scarves, beanies, and shawls!!!
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Want to get organized?

Whether it be your kids toy room or the trunk of your car, we can all use a little bit of organization in our lives. These cute, handmade bins are the perfect and most simple solution when it comes to getting things in order. They would also be ideal for gift wrapping (how excited would you be getting a present in one of these?). Stop in today at Katie Rabers Face and Body Esthetiques and pick yours up today! (714)840-4004.

A Perfect Remedy for Dry Skin (and it smells REALLY good too)

This weather, it’s crazy, isn’t it? Just yesterday  it was nice outside, not too cold, not too hot, not too sunny, it was just perfect. But there’s something about rainy days that is just so nice, so relaxing. I personally like to fill these kind of days with a movie, or maybe a good book, a nice cup of tea or coffee, just curled up on the couch… There is nothing like those days. The only downfall to this rainy, cold weather is when it starts drying out your skin. no one likes the feeling of dry, cracking skin. And isn’t it embarrassing when you go to hold your man (or woman’s) hand, or shake someone’s hand after meeting them for the first time, only for your hands to be dry. That’s not cute. You don’t want to be known as the person with the rough hands. You don’t want to have dry skin, right?                         Well, fear no more, because we have the solution to all your dry skin-related needs. Farm House Fresh has a Whoopie Cream Shea Butter that feels heavenly on your skin and smells wonderful. Just put some of this on and your skin will be feeling as good as new.     Stop in today at Katie Rabers Face and Body Esthetiques and pick up your bottle of this awesome stuff today. It is a cold rainy day after all… (714)840-400420160123_104759