New, New, New!!!

Sometimes you deserve to treat yourself to something new and different!

Katie Raber’s Face & Body Esthetiques is the perfect place to do that!


New purses, new scarves, new nails! Perfect in time for summer, these accessories are bright and charming!
Of course the nails were done by our lovely manicurist Jordan.

To make an appointment or for more information give us a call at 714-840-4004!

Biggest Diamond Consumers


Did you know the biggest consumer of diamonds is the US? Its $27 billion in revenues are more than three times the revenues of No. 2 market China or No. 3 market India—and twice those of the U.S. mobile phone market

These fashion rings are perfect for dressing up a business outfit or for formal attire! They will go great with anything and can be matched with almost any outfit. For more information about our jewelry give us a call at 714-840-4004! 


Be the person everyone talks about how great your eyebrows are! There is no better place then Katie Rabers Face and Body Esthetiques to get those brows looking amazing. Please give us a call to schedule your appointment today! 714-840-4004

Sonage ~ High Endurance Creme


This moisturizing creme will not only help keep your skin hydrated but it will
also help to strengthen your skin. Helping to calm redness and environmental
aging this product is a Do-It-All!

Helpful Ingredients

  • Castor Seed oil- Prevents the skin from drying by retaining moisture, anti-inflammatory
  • Cod Liver oil- Essential Fatty Acids necessary for growth, regenerating
  • Pumpkin Seed oil- High in Vitamin A content, Anti-aging and rejuvenating
  • Sweet Almond oil- Emollient with soothing effect
  • Witch Hazel (Hamamelis)– Vasoconstrictor, soothing, healing
  • Comfrey Extract (Allantoin)– Astringent, healing, wound repair
  • Beta-fructan- Moisture binding capabilities, softens, energizes
  • Beta-glucosamine (amino-acid glucose)– Intensive tissue builder, anti-oxidant, moisturizer
  • Aloe Vera Leaf juice- Emollient, respect the skin’s natural moisturizing factor
  • Sage Extract– Purifying & toning properties
  • Chamomile (Matricaria) flower Extract- Anti-inflammatory, reduces puffiness, soothing
  • Phenyl t-Butylnitrone (Spin Trap)- Convert free radicals into anti-oxidants

This moisturizer promotes vital tissue repair, encourages new cell growth, calms redness and increase skin’s resistance. Known as “The Immunity Builder,” this creme nourishes, revitalizes, and promotes tissue repair.

For more information or to put this product on hold give us a call at 714-840-4004!



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