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The Beauty of Crystals

We are always up to date on the latest fashion trends so that you don’t have to! Crystal accessories are so popular right now. Crystals are delicate and so incredibly beautiful. They won’t over power your natural beauty, crystals will only enhance it. We have a wide variety of crystal accessories to choose from including rings,… Continue reading The Beauty of Crystals


  It’s 86 ° right now in Huntington Beach! We hope and pray that you’re wearing tons and tons of sunscreen to fight off those bad UV rays B). Here at Katie Raber’s we have all your sun fighting needs. We have sunscreen for sporting and relaxing. There are no excuses to getting burnt this… Continue reading

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Make the Switch Today!

  Many people still use over the counter facial products, which can be terrible to our delicate skin. Especially over the counter cleansers. Only small doses of the ingredients advertised on over the counter products are actually active. Look at the back of your bottle, the ingredient that is advertized is most likely listed at the end of the… Continue reading Make the Switch Today!

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Say Good-Bye To Annoying Cellulite!

How annoying can unwanted cellulite be? It happens to everyone but here at Katie Raber’s Face & Body Esthetiques we can help vanish any unwanted cellulite with our amazing Mlis Cellulite Home Care Kit! This kit comes with a buff, tissue detoxifier, anti-cellulite lotion and mesh sponge all targeted to reverse cellulite. It also comes… Continue reading Say Good-Bye To Annoying Cellulite!